Bluemen 100 Mg


Brand Name: Bluemen 100mg
Active Ingredient: Sildenafil
Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacture: RSM Enterprises
MPN: F58O35S39
Pack Size: 10Tab/Strip
Cost/Tablet: $0.76/Tab

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How Do Bluemen Tablets Work?

Bluemen 100mg is a highly effective medicine that has a substantial track record of treating erectile dysfunction in men. Sildenafil citrate, an active PDE type 5 inhibitor, is the main ingredient in this tablet and is particularly effective at treating problems associated with erectile dysfunction in men.

This medicine is a blessing for men who deal with erectile dysfunction since it enables them to get strong erections without putting too much effort into them.

When is it prescribed?

With the aid of this generic 100mg best ed tablet, problems with erectile dysfunction and impotence in men are treated. They help to facilitate the blood flow that the penis needs to develop and sustain erections.

This medicine is also helpful for people who ejaculate too early. Because this tablet helps to relax blood vessels and prolongs the duration of erection, men may refrain from ejaculating too quickly.

How do 100mg Bluemen Tablets function?

The main active ingredient of Bluemen 100mg pills is sildenafil citrate, a PDE-5 inhibitor. If a guy with erectile dysfunction took even one pill at least an hour before starting to make love.

The generic sildenafil citrate 100mg would prevent the breakdown of the CGMP by simply suppressing the actions of the PDE-5 proteins. During sexual arousal, a man’s body frequently releases nitric oxide, which could result in the production of cGMP.

How Should I Take 100mg Bluemen Tablets?

Hard tablets are the only form in which this tablet is available, and when used orally, they must be consumed whole along with a glass of water. The pill shouldn’t be chewed or even broken when taken.

It is necessary to take this medication at least an hour before engaging in any sexual activity. Just one tablet may be taken per 24 hours. Always get medical advice before using any tablet. It is recommended as a prescription tablet.

What is the dosage for Bluemen 100mg Tablets?

The recommended dosage for this sildenafil citrate generic is as follows:

Untaken Dose
You should resume taking this medication as soon as you recall if you miss to take your usual dose. Take the pill once daily, at least an hour before sexual activity.

If you remember to take the prescription, wait until after you’ve done so before engaging in sexual activity.

Call your doctor straight away and seek the necessary medical attention if you believe you may have taken too much of this medication.

What are Bluemen 100mg Tablets’ side effects?

The expert’s investigation shows that there are a few drawbacks to these tablets. This is a list of them.

Minor negative impact
Some minor side effects of this tablet include the following:

  • Sometimes nausea may come and go, and other times it may not even be there.
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea with a headache
  • Mood Sweeps mood swings
  • Dizziness

Major negative impact
The most common negative effects of this tablet are as follows:

blockage or obstruction of the nasal cavity.
an extended, excruciatingly painful erection.
fainting and vision loss

What precautions are necessary when using Bluemen 100mg Tablets?

General Instructions
When using this tablet, there are a few safety measures that must be followed. Use this tablet only if your doctor prescribes it to you after considering your medical history.

General safety measures
Alcohol, nitrate-containing medicines, sedatives, grape juices, and fatty foods must all be avoided in order to achieve this.

When should you not use?
There are specific situations where using this tablet is not advised. For instance, if a person has any type of allergy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for the Bluemen soft pill to take effect?
The effects of the medicine often last for four hours or so. As a result, it must be ingested at least an hour before engaging in sexual activity.

Does it put those who drink alcohol at risk?
You should limit your alcohol intake if you drink. Alcohol should either not be drunk at all when using Bluemen FM 100 (pink) pills, or it should be consumed in moderation.

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